Three Months of Udacity Challenge Scholarship in 5 minutes

The Announcements Channel

The Collaborative Projects

  • There were 4 collaborative projects announced, namely Udabuddy, Jeevan-Rakht, Task-Master and Quiz-App
  • Students were allowed to contribute in one or more project
  • The collaborative projects was one of the most important thing that we have got from this scholarship challenge. It forced us to learn Git and GitHub and how the collaborative projects works. I am sure this will surely help us later on when we will work in a private company or in a remote job.
  • Projects goes beyond the scope of this challenge, all of them are open source projects

The Moderators

About the students

What students said




Web Dev @ | Writer @ | Analyst @ Genpact

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Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh

Web Dev @ | Writer @ | Analyst @ Genpact

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