Medium for Beginners

private notes can only be viewed by the author of the particular story

You can also drag and drop single or multiple images into Medium posts or copy/paste single images into a post.

Depending on the size of your image, you’ll be able to test out different placement options from the toolbar.

Go to a new line > paste the URL > press Enter.
click Publish > add tags (optional) > click Publish again
ctrl + alt + 1 → Turns a text block into Heading
ctrl + alt + 2→ Turns a text block into subheading
ctrl + alt + 5 → Press once for block quote, again for a pull quote
ctrl + alt + 6 → Turns a text block into / starts a new Code style
ctrl + alt + 8 → To change an image into a featured image
* + space → Creates an unordered list
1 + . + space → Creates an ordered list
ctrl + ? → Opens a shortcut display
ctrl + B → Turns selected text into bold style
ctrl + K → Adds a new link
ctrl + I → Turns selected text into italic style

A Featured Image is important, because when you share your story, it will be displayed along with the heading and subheading.



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